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I joined BlogRush today


BlogRush is in it’s BETA form.  It is new and here is what it claims:

The fastest and easiest way to instantly drive a flood of targeted readers to your blog… Absolutely free

First, I have a problem with the code.  WordPress will not let me use java-script and BlogRush has no fix for this yet. 

 Signing up for BlogRush early in the beta is a great way to get in on the ground floor.  There must be steps going up or I’m not interested.

Sign-up was free and easy, but I am not sure it will do much.  For me, it will do nothing until they make the code compatible with

What do you think about BlogRush?


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You Know You Are Getting Old When:

OldTypeYes, I have found a few ways to know that old age is creeping up on you. These are from my own book of ways to tell you are getting old.  I do not mind getting old or looking older, but I am a little worried that I am starting to smell older.  I now smell like Ben-Gay, foot spray and nail fungi remover.  Oh Boy!!!!

BigDadGib’s list of ten “How to know you are getting old”.

  1. When you injure yourself while you are sleeping. (I woke up this morning and apparently twisted my knee while I was asleep.)
  2. I no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.
  3. Leonard called me at 8 pm. last night and asked, “Did I wake you?”
  4. There is more hair in my ears then on my head.
  5. Happy hour for me is a nap.
  6. Half the numbers in my phone are for Doctors and pharmacies.
  7. Getting lucky for me is finding my truck in the parking lot.
  8. A young lady knocked on my door looking for another driver.  She said, “I’m sorry.  I have the wrong truck”.  I said, “You have the right truck, you are just 30 years too late.”
  9. My clothes do not match and I really don’t care.
  10. For breakfast, I hear ‘snap, crackle and pop’ and I’m just eating eggs.


BDG Award

bdg award 100×100The first BigDadGib Blog of Excellence Award must go to: Mountain Mama. Mountain Mama always has something good to say. She (Bev) is always uplifting, compassionate, unique and entertaining as she shares her joys of life and family.

Mountain Mama has posted photos of her garden, grandbabies, events and pies (my favorite thing). MM GrandBaby  Mountain Mama was one of my first blog friends who has stuck with me through two years of new looks, graphics and confusion that would run most readers away. Mountain Mama has been a true friend.

Thank you Bev (Mountain Mama) and blessed blogging to you.gib.jpg


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