Keeping Opera

laptop1.jpgI think my plans will include keeping my Opera blog and converting it into a photo-blog exclusively.  Opera is a fine place for photos.  It is easy to upload, edit and view pictures on Opera.  I’ll maintain the text-blog here.

 I’m back in Florida today.  I’ll be in Brooksville Monday night and then back to Palatka.  I must confess, the humidity has really taken it’s toll on me lately.  It may be my age but I find it hard to breath some days.

 Later, Gib


5 Responses to “Keeping Opera”

  1. Mountain Mama Says:

    Sorry the humidity is so bad. My son went to Florida several years ago and told me it was so bad that his clothes were always damp. I would hate it. About a month ao we had it pretty bad here. It was about 98% which is outrageous for these parts! I thought I was going to melt away.
    I need your Opera link so I can see your pictures. I replaced it with this new one.
    I need to explore this new blog a bit. I see some interesting things to click on. Yeah, I’m a nosy old gal!
    You take care and try to avoid humid conditions!

  2. Twinkle Says:

    When I first visited Florida the humidity stunned me…literally, when it hit me on departing the Airport I stood motionless like a startled Gazelle completely unable to move!! lol, It took my breath away, I’d never known anything like it…so I know where you’re coming from Gib.
    You take it easy….stay in that air-conned truck of yours as much as pos, that’s right where I’d be, glued to the seat sayin, “Nope…Too hot….. not coming out!!”

    Loving the music by the way…. 🙂

  3. bigdadgib Says:

    I’ll post the links for you all.

    Thanks you Lay Deeeeees. 🙂

  4. Brian Says:

    Know what you mean about the heat down south. And speaking of age, any advice for me turning 40 next month? Hiding under the covers all day seems like an option.

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