Chap Mate Meet

smileya1.jpgWhile I ate my lunch on Monday, a tour bus unloaded at this truck stop. As it was easy to see by the cameras and pale skin, none of the tourist was from Florida. An elderly gent and his assumed wife sat down next to me at the counter.

In a strong English droll he says, “May we sit next to you? “Sure”, I exclaimed. He said, “Thanks mate”.

I looked at him and said, “I’m goin’ way out on a limb here but, ya’ll aint from around here, are ya?”

He laughed and said no, that they were from the south of England and here on holiday.

I asked, “Which holiday?

“Our holiday”, he said.

“You have your own holiday like the 4th of July?” I asked.

“No, no mate. We are on a vacation”. “OH! Why didn’t you say so” I said as I chuckled with them.

“See, we here in the states TAKE a holiday ON a holiday. We can even TAKE a holiday while we are ON vacation. See?” I asked. We all had a good laugh.

They had been all over the lower forty-eight states but liked the southern states from Texas over to Florida the best. They say the people are more hospitable here then out on the left coast. I tend to agree with them.


6 Responses to “Chap Mate Meet”

  1. Twinkle Says:

    ….LOL…that’s funny Gib!

    I love all the differences between us Brits and you Yanks. My Bostonian friend Polly Pocket is always pulling my leg about how I speak and the phrases I come out with….after years of listening to my “English droll” she’s finding herself coming out with expressions I would use. Now THAT I would find amusing!! Her husband just rolls his eyes at her and says “Where did you pick that up…..Stella??”

    I’m glad you guys find us so amusing!


  2. Twinkle Says:

    Was just thinking….do you guys ever have what we call ‘Bank Holiday Mondays’? We have a few throughout the year, there’s about 3 or 4 I think, where the banks close and everyone supposedly has a day off? (I say supposedly because many shops stay open nowadays with ‘Bank Holiday Sales’, and some people have no choice and have to work.)

    Looking through my calender I noticed you guys have many ‘holiday’ days throughout the year….does that mean you all have a day off work on those days??

  3. bigdadgib Says:

    People with REAL jobs like BigWhiteHat get holidays off. I do not take any holodays off. It is like you said, most shops are open so it depends on where you work.
    Thanks E*T

  4. Brian M Says:

    With my new jobs I will be working a lot of holidays. Hotels get busy around that time of year. Its great working the night shift though. Great blog gib

  5. Larry Says:

    One of the things I liked about the Navy, was getting to meet people from other countries, and I’m doing it now on the computer, but for some reason I enjoy it even more when they come to visit our country.
    Looks like we all found you over here. I’m thinking of doing something similar. I like the look of this place.

  6. Mountain Mama Says:

    The reason they think it’s friendlier there is because they haven’t met me. LOL

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