Pleased, I am

woohoo.gifSo far, I am pleased with the transition to WordPress.  It is so much easier to post and edit along with changing the overall look of the blog.  I am happy so far.

 The first time you make a comment, the blog will hold it until I approve it’s posting.  Once I have given the approval, any subsequent comment post you make will be posted without my approval.  This makes it easy to moderate the comments and should speed things along for you too.

 WordPress also gives me the option of using SNAP previews.  With SNAP, you can hover over a link in one of my post and it will give you a preview of that links page.  There are options you can set as well or if you like, you can turn it off completely to meet your needs.

I’m in Alabama tocay headed to Monroe, LA.  Ya’ll have a blessed day.


4 Responses to “Pleased, I am”

  1. Big White Hat Says:

    My readers persuaded me to stop snap. I like your header menu.

  2. Twinkle Says:

    Hey Gib 🙂 I haven’t been on for a few days and was just looking to see how I could view your previous posts to see what I might have missed. I couldn’t find a way to view any. I expect I’m being dim and missing it…am I?? lol

    I’m loving the little clip of the excitable kiddie up there….can’t help but chuckle.

    Am glad you don’t have snap on every link….I had snap and it began to really irritate me so I got rid of it. At least here you have a choice and can pick and choose.

    I like it here 🙂

  3. Twinkle Says:

    Duh! I’ve just popped by this afternoon and spotted the link to your older posts….was that always there?? If it was, I worry myself….that’s all I can say! lol

  4. bigdadgib Says:

    Yes that link was there… lol


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