Do you Google Earth?

Do you have Google Earth?

I enjoy looking at places that I have been or places I am going to. 

rayville-pilot.jpg  (click image to enlarge)

The photo I have here is from Google Earth.  I am at that truck stop just north of the interstate you see here.  I know this photo was taken some time ago and is not real time, but it does give me a great look at where I am from the air.

You can e-mail snap shots of places or you can send the ‘spot’ you want someone to see and it will open it in your recipients Google Earth.

It is free and fun.  What more could you want?


3 Responses to “Do you Google Earth?”

  1. Big White Hat Says:

    Yeah. But it would be better if the images were more recent.

  2. Mountain Mama Says:

    I like to check that out too. It’s amazing now many really good and fun things are available to us one th net.
    It’s better than the library, I think.

  3. Brian Says:

    Hey Gib, I can see you waving, lol

    Yes Google Earth is one of my favorites too, used to do property management and it is great for mapping properties. Also like to look at Disney World and Florida beaches and imagine me there.

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