My Favorite Blogs and Why #1

 I started my first blog over two years ago.  While I was looking at other sites, I found a blog called Big White Hat.  I made a comment on a post of his and in return, he made a comment (the first comment I ever had) on a post of mine.  As history has it, I kept going back again and again to for fun, inspiration and insight.

Zane of BigWhiteHatThe reason I place BigWhiteHat at the top of my blogger list is because I trust the author (Zane).  He is a man of God, a father, a husband, a cook, a coach, a leader, an educated man and a friend.  He draws no conclusion he can’t back up.  He tells it as it is, as it was or as it will be.  He has a great sense for humor in life, love and work (see this post).  But most of all, he has a love for his wife (see this post) and family (see this post) that surpasses the understanding of most who know him.

For these reasons, I give Zane of my highest respect and top position on my favorite blog list.


7 Responses to “My Favorite Blogs and Why #1”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    Ya know, I had wondered where you had gotten off to, I have you on the Texas Connection and the FDT for Prez rolls now, stay in touch man, Zane ain’t the ONLY nice guy in Texas ya know.. 🙂

  2. Mountain Mama Says:

    I certainly agree with you. BigWhiteHat is quite a man. The love and understanding he has for his family are admirable.
    I know a lot of guys who could take lessons from him.
    Good choice BDG.

  3. bigdadgib Says:

    Thanks Mountain Mama

    Thanks TexasFred…. You looked great on Fox News the other day. 🙂

  4. Big White Hat Says:

    Well isn’t this a nice thing to have run accross my reader?

    Folks, let me tell you something. Gilbert showed up in a comment thread and I had seen his comments on Mountain Mama. He immediately integrated himself into my whole tribe, befriending every friend I have in the sphere. I like my friends so I saw this as a sign of great intelligence and character. Conversely, he introduced me to some of you. For that I am forever grateful.

    I took a liking to Gib right away as he is a neat fella and a truck driver to boot. I like truckers. They make America work.

    Gib is a fantastic blogger. He understands the value of content. He understands what good content is. I hope one day I will be as good of a blogger as he is.

    I don’t deserve the credit he gives me, but I’ll take it with gratitude.

    I aint sat at a table with Gib yet. But, I still consider him a friend.

    And I have all of the rest of you beat. I am his first subscriber.

  5. DeeDee Says:

    I think you both ROCK!!
    Dee from WV

  6. DeeDee Says:

    ….on and one more thing…”Vous êtes très bienvenu mon ami”

  7. bigdadgib Says:

    Merci mon ami d’un à long terme, Dee Dee


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