gretawire.jpgGretaWire is a favorite read for me.  Greta Van Susteren has been a part of FoxNews for many years and has a wonderful show each night at 10 pm.  If you want to know what really happens behind that camera, Greta tells all with photos, video clips and commentary that will amaze and delight you as a reader.

 My readers know I listen to FoxNews and Fox Talk Radio on my XM radio.  I enjoy Greta and her show, but I like her blog best.  Greta is candid, honest and funny.  It will not take long reading her blog post before you will know she is a real person, charming and fair.

I say that GretaWire is a must read if you want to see and hear the insider stuff behind the TV camera.


9 Responses to “GretaWire”

  1. Greta Van Susteren Says:

    thanks for being such a fan of GretaWire!!! Greta

  2. bigdadgib Says:

    Thanks Greta…
    Your the best!

  3. scott cumming Says:

    that’s gretafying isn’t it? cool.

  4. Mountain Mama Says:

    My oh my oh my!!! Coming up in the blog world I’d say.
    Nice going BDG. Congrats!
    I sure wish I could have seen your face when you saw her comment. LOL

  5. bigdadgib Says:

    I was surprised to say the least. It was very gracious of her to sign my guest-book too. 🙂

  6. Thank You! « Bigdadgib Says:

    […] 77 comments (including one from a TV Celebrity) […]

  7. | Sunday in Hammond, LA. Says:

    […] wish you all would look at the comments on my blog review of GretaWire.  Guess who stopped by and left a comment AND signed my […]

  8. Says:

    Sunday in Hammond, LA….

    I spent the last 24 hours waiting on a trailer here in Hammond.  The distribution center has to unload one so I can go on to my next stop, and that has not happened yet.

     I wish you all would look at the comments on my blog re…

  9. Says:

    Thank You!…

    My first month on WordPress has been very rewarding. Let me recap:

    In the first month:

    1000+ visitors (page hits)
    77 comments (including one from a TV Celebrity)
    3 ping backs
    1 track back
    9 signatures in my guestbook (including one from a TV Cel…

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