Thru Andy’s Lens

The time I spent in the Opera community was fun. Opera bloggers are great people and I made many new friends and found many great blogs. I will feature more of them in reviews to come.

titmouse9479wb.jpgFor many years, I have enjoyed photography and practice with my camera when and where I can. While looking through the Opera community for like minded people, I came across “Thru Andy’s Lens”. I was immediately awe struck at the wonderful photographs and commentary. I made “Thru Andy’s Lens” one of my first favorite sites on Opera.

On Andy’s blog he writes:
“As a photographic enthusiast, I have a joy of taking photographs and by displaying them, hopefully others may enjoy woodpecker0544wb.jpgthem as well.

Hence, the creation of the photo blog sponsored by Opera. The ease of use and overall design of the blog system by Opera makes it an ideal place to display my photographs.

The blog section is where I might discuss varying aspects of my photographs that are in the photo album section. Photos are mostly birds, some animals and general subjects with occasional articles relating to photography.

butterfly6314wb.jpgThe photo album section is the display of my photographs that may have short descriptions or titles.

What I see “thru my lens”, I aspire to catch the essence of the image in an interesting and enjoyable way.”

The photography is wonderful. “Thru Andy’s Lens” is nature at it’s best and all seen through the loving eyes of a true artist. This blog is a must see.


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