Bipolar Diagnoses in Younger People Show Huge Increase

Bipolar Diagnoses in Younger People Show Huge Increase from U.S. News

“There is no evidence that there has been an increase in bipolar disorder of this size,” said Dr. Mark Olfson, a clinical psychiatry professor at New York State Psychiatric Institute and one of the authors of a report. “Either this increase we see represents a tendency for over-diagnosing recently or a tendency to under-diagnose in the past.”

“It’s a combination of both,” added Dr. Glenn Hirsch, medical director of the New York University Child Study Center. “It has clearly been under-diagnosed in the past. A variety of surveys have said over and over that up to 70 percent of adults with the disorder report that their symptoms began early.”

Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people swing from periods of mania, an abnormally elevated mood, to depression. It originally was called manic depression.

For years, the doctors thought that bipolar disorder was just in adults.  Well, I was diagnosed at a very young age.  They may have missed some of the other guys in my class.  lol



2 Responses to “Bipolar Diagnoses in Younger People Show Huge Increase”

  1. Ben Hansen Says:

    4 or 5 years from now, the headlines will read:

    Diagnoses of Dystonia & Dyskinesia Jump 4,000%,

    Scientists Baffled by Epidemic of Movement Disorders

    Ben Hansen
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Institute for Nearly Genuine Research

  2. Big White Hat Says:

    This is partially because of better diagnoses and partially because of bad diagnoses.

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