The Balanced Life & The Christian Life

Talking about a speaker at a recent businessman’s meeting, J. Lee Jagers writes:

“He proposed that we keep seven factors in balance: (1) Financial, (2) Family, (3) Mental, (4) Work, (5) Social, (6) Physical and (7) Spiritual. I thought of how round the rim of my wheel would be if these seven factors were the spokes….

…That discussion led me to another question: “What is the difference between a balanced Christian life and a balanced non-Christian life?” So I put myself under the microscope to examine what makes each one of these seven categories uniquely Christian? I guess I’m talking about my world view of my inner world. So here are my thoughts.”

I thought this to be a very good post.  It made me think about my own life and my walk with God.

Read the full post by J. Lee Jagers at:

The Balanced Life & The Christian Life « J. Lee Jagers, PhD, ThM, LPC


One Response to “The Balanced Life & The Christian Life”

  1. Stella Says:

    Superb…very helpful indeed.

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