Gospel Meetings at PreacherMike

Gospel Meetings at PreacherMike

I remember my dad holding tent revival meetings back in his time. His stories of the tent meetings in Missouri were the ones I liked the best.

I recall one story where during the meeting, a large snake from the nearby woods came slithering across the sawdust floor. Suddenly, people started jumping up and screaming. Yes, my dad thought the Spirit was really moving people that day… lol

Here is a little of what Preacher Mike has to say about this:

“I grew up with gospel meetings. Not revivals; gospel meetings. Denominations had revivals.

Some who are older than me remember two-week meetings, but I only go back to one-weekers. One in the fall; another in the spring. Every year.

You’d think those are bad memories. And yes, those probably weren’t my favorite two weeks of the year.

And yet — I remember the excitement…”

 Read the complete post from Preacher Mike HERE

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