Republican Debate 9-5-2007

debate.jpgDid you see (or hear) the Republican Debate last night? I did and I was both happy and shocked at what I heard.

Is there a problem with Ron Paul? Has he lost his mind?

I understood him to say that the best foreign policy the American Government can have is NO foreign policy. He wants to bring ALL American service people home from all over the world and guard just our borders here.
Well, Mr. Paul, if we were to take your stance on foreign policy, we would be forced to defend our borders because I guarantee, it would not be long before the rest of the world would crumble and the enemy will be knocking at our door here.

Overall, I found Mike Huckabee to be the winner in this debate. Being charismatic, humble and staunch, I think Huckabee out did the rest.

I am still in the camp that feels Fred Thompson is the best man for the job of President of the United States.



One Response to “Republican Debate 9-5-2007”

  1. Stella Says:

    I saw some of that debate on telly here in the UK.

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