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Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » Ask Fred

Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » Ask Fred

Ask Fred

Posted on September 5th, 2007
By Sean in Announcements

Fred’s running a different kind of campaign. Part of that is hearing from you. Fred wants questions from Americans. And not softballs. Fred knows there are pressing issues facing our nation and wants to hear your concerns.

We’ve gotten some great weblogs to help us sort through them. Go to GraniteGrok, Weekend Pundit, Instapundit, Right Wing News, Captain’s Quarters, or Redstate and leave a question. The webloggers will sift through the selections and send the best ones to Fred. While he’s on the road he’ll answer a few daily by video which we’ll post to the Fred File.

There you go.  Your chance to ask the one and only Fred Thompson a question.  Use one of the links above and spread your support for Fred.


Republican Debate 9-5-2007

debate.jpgDid you see (or hear) the Republican Debate last night? I did and I was both happy and shocked at what I heard.

Is there a problem with Ron Paul? Has he lost his mind?

I understood him to say that the best foreign policy the American Government can have is NO foreign policy. He wants to bring ALL American service people home from all over the world and guard just our borders here.
Well, Mr. Paul, if we were to take your stance on foreign policy, we would be forced to defend our borders because I guarantee, it would not be long before the rest of the world would crumble and the enemy will be knocking at our door here.

Overall, I found Mike Huckabee to be the winner in this debate. Being charismatic, humble and staunch, I think Huckabee out did the rest.

I am still in the camp that feels Fred Thompson is the best man for the job of President of the United States.


Gospel Meetings at PreacherMike

Gospel Meetings at PreacherMike

I remember my dad holding tent revival meetings back in his time. His stories of the tent meetings in Missouri were the ones I liked the best.

I recall one story where during the meeting, a large snake from the nearby woods came slithering across the sawdust floor. Suddenly, people started jumping up and screaming. Yes, my dad thought the Spirit was really moving people that day… lol

Here is a little of what Preacher Mike has to say about this:

“I grew up with gospel meetings. Not revivals; gospel meetings. Denominations had revivals.

Some who are older than me remember two-week meetings, but I only go back to one-weekers. One in the fall; another in the spring. Every year.

You’d think those are bad memories. And yes, those probably weren’t my favorite two weeks of the year.

And yet — I remember the excitement…”

 Read the complete post from Preacher Mike HERE

Preacher Mike Home

Conservative Cowboy: STACLU Blogburst

Conservative Cowboy: STACLU Blogburst#links#links

CCStop The ACLU was started on February 9th, 2004. We started with high hopes, and we realized we were facing a goliath. There were many reasons why we thought the ACLU needed to be countered, and they are numerous. We wanted to provide a way to inform the public of the ACLU’s agenda, as the MSM sugar coated it. We wanted to be a central database for people to gather, exchange ideas, and get actively involved in real ways of stopping them. It is a monumental task, exhausting, time consuming, and often frustrating. But it is a fight worth fighting.

We would be nothing without our supporters. To all of you, we appreciate the continued support. We have called you to action and you have answered.

There are many reasons to stop the ACLU. For this blogburst I decided to list my top ten list…….

I found the Conservative Cowboy through a friend.  He is a BigWhiteHat Straight Shooter and has a good post about the ACLU and why we all should help Stop The ACLU.


The Balanced Life & The Christian Life

Talking about a speaker at a recent businessman’s meeting, J. Lee Jagers writes:

“He proposed that we keep seven factors in balance: (1) Financial, (2) Family, (3) Mental, (4) Work, (5) Social, (6) Physical and (7) Spiritual. I thought of how round the rim of my wheel would be if these seven factors were the spokes….

…That discussion led me to another question: “What is the difference between a balanced Christian life and a balanced non-Christian life?” So I put myself under the microscope to examine what makes each one of these seven categories uniquely Christian? I guess I’m talking about my world view of my inner world. So here are my thoughts.”

I thought this to be a very good post.  It made me think about my own life and my walk with God.

Read the full post by J. Lee Jagers at:

The Balanced Life & The Christian Life « J. Lee Jagers, PhD, ThM, LPC

Mattel Announces More Recalls

It has been reported (Fox News Network) today that Mattel will announce more recalls on September 5th, 2008.  As with the recalls in August, concerns with lead based paints have caused this most recent recall. 

The latest Mattel recall by the world’s largest toy maker will be for a Fisher-Price toy and accessories to a Barbie playset and involves several hundred thousand units, according to two persons briefed by Mattel executives who asked for anonymity because the company has not yet formally announced the action. It could not be learned whether the toys were made in different Chinese factories.  Full details will not be known until Mattel makes the official announcement on Wednesday.

Mattel Consumer Relations 

Is it time to start thinking about making more products here?