You Know You Are Getting Old When:

OldTypeYes, I have found a few ways to know that old age is creeping up on you. These are from my own book of ways to tell you are getting old.  I do not mind getting old or looking older, but I am a little worried that I am starting to smell older.  I now smell like Ben-Gay, foot spray and nail fungi remover.  Oh Boy!!!!

BigDadGib’s list of ten “How to know you are getting old”.

  1. When you injure yourself while you are sleeping. (I woke up this morning and apparently twisted my knee while I was asleep.)
  2. I no longer think of speed limits as a challenge.
  3. Leonard called me at 8 pm. last night and asked, “Did I wake you?”
  4. There is more hair in my ears then on my head.
  5. Happy hour for me is a nap.
  6. Half the numbers in my phone are for Doctors and pharmacies.
  7. Getting lucky for me is finding my truck in the parking lot.
  8. A young lady knocked on my door looking for another driver.  She said, “I’m sorry.  I have the wrong truck”.  I said, “You have the right truck, you are just 30 years too late.”
  9. My clothes do not match and I really don’t care.
  10. For breakfast, I hear ‘snap, crackle and pop’ and I’m just eating eggs.



FBI Audit Finds Glitch


The FBI failed to put as many as 20 suspected terrorists on watch lists tailored to alert border agents and immigration officials because of a technology glitch, a Justice Department audit concluded Thursday.It was not immediately clear whether any of the suspects entered the United States as a result of the security lapse.

Responding, the director of the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center acknowledged the gap, but said it soon will be fixed.

The audit by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine gave the FBI mixed reviews for its efforts over the last two years to clean up its terror watch list database. The database contains more than 700,000 records about suspected terrorists and was created after the 9/11 Commission called for a single agency to consolidate and manage 12 government watch lists that existed before the 2001 terror attacks.

Since Fine’s last audit, in 2005, the FBI has worked to fix several problems, including trying to make sure the watch list is accurate and creating an office to deal with complaints from people wrongly identified as terrorists or suspects.

Still, problems persist, the audit found. It faulted two technology systems that feed into and from the master watch list that are not identical — as they should be — because they contain differing records. As a result, alerts weren’t raised about some suspected terrorists, the audit found.

“Specifically, we identified 20 watch list records on suspected or known terrorists that were not made available to the front line screening agents such as border patrol officers, visa application reviewers, or local police officers for use during watch list screening encounters — such as during border crossings, visa processing, or routine traffic stops,” the report concluded.

Parts of the audit were not released publicly, making it impossible to know whether any of the people on the watch list entered the country.

Terrorist Screening Center director Leonard Boyle said the technology glitch resulted in data not being included on alert lists tailor-made for some agencies, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, an arm of the Homeland Security Department. But he said the entire watch list is available to officials — including most police and other law enforcement agencies — that rely on National Crime Information Center data to do background checks.

“For technical reasons, about 20 identities or records did not get distributed as completely as they should have,” Boyle said in an interview. The CPB can access the crime center data, Boyle said, but the FBI did not send the watch list data directly to CBP systems “as they should have been.”

The two systems will be consolidated within six months, Boyle said.

Maybe FedX and UPS CAN track these people better. The good news here is that the checks and balance system seems to be working. The audit DID find the problem, but next time, it maybe too late.BIGDADGIB

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Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » Ask Fred

Fred File – The Friends of Fred Thompson Blog » Blog Archive » Ask Fred

Ask Fred

Posted on September 5th, 2007
By Sean in Announcements

Fred’s running a different kind of campaign. Part of that is hearing from you. Fred wants questions from Americans. And not softballs. Fred knows there are pressing issues facing our nation and wants to hear your concerns.

We’ve gotten some great weblogs to help us sort through them. Go to GraniteGrok, Weekend Pundit, Instapundit, Right Wing News, Captain’s Quarters, or Redstate and leave a question. The webloggers will sift through the selections and send the best ones to Fred. While he’s on the road he’ll answer a few daily by video which we’ll post to the Fred File.

There you go.  Your chance to ask the one and only Fred Thompson a question.  Use one of the links above and spread your support for Fred.


Mattel Announces More Recalls

It has been reported (Fox News Network) today that Mattel will announce more recalls on September 5th, 2008.  As with the recalls in August, concerns with lead based paints have caused this most recent recall. 

The latest Mattel recall by the world’s largest toy maker will be for a Fisher-Price toy and accessories to a Barbie playset and involves several hundred thousand units, according to two persons briefed by Mattel executives who asked for anonymity because the company has not yet formally announced the action. It could not be learned whether the toys were made in different Chinese factories.  Full details will not be known until Mattel makes the official announcement on Wednesday.

Mattel Consumer Relations 

Is it time to start thinking about making more products here?


Think Sink: Social Event of the Year: The nightmare photo

Think Sink: Social Event of the Year: The nightmare photo

I thought this photo was great.  Thanks to Jeff from ThinkSink and his bride.


Big White Hat » On the 7th

bwhhat1.jpgBig White Hat » Blog Archive » On the 7th America does not know how to take the day off. When we are off work, we work at home. The grass has to be cut. The house has to be cleaned. The errands have to be run. No day of rest. We don’t even know how.

The most relaxing part of our lives is spent with our eyes wide open glaring at a screen. 

 I remember when you could not buy anything on Sunday.

All the stores were closed, no gas stations and I did not have to cut the grass.

Sunday was just for God, church and family…. it was a day off.